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Frequently Asked Questions



We have provided for you below, in a Q&A format, questions which we are often asked.  Let us know if you want us to add additional information.



What is the Mailing Address for Schwab?


Charles Schwab & Co Inc

Institutional Client Service Group, Team #2

P.O. Box 628290

Orlando, FL 32862-9905


How do I convert Schwab Statements to Quicken files?


To receive Firm Brochure on how to receive your Schwab statements and convert them into Quicken files (.qif), please call:


Schwab Tech Support




How do I transfer assets into my account?


Please let us know which assets you are transferring and into which account.  You will need a copy of the most recent statement of the asset sent to us.  We will fill out the required paperwork for you to complete.


How do I change the beneficiary on my account?

Please call us to request a beneficiary form.


How do I set up automatic deposits/withdrawals?

You can have automatic deposits or withdrawals linked to a checking account.  We will need a copy of the check and the day of your deposit or withdrawal.




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